Journal Policies

  • Manuscripts are considered on the understanding that they contain original material, that the manuscript and material within the manuscript have not been published and are not being considered for publication elsewhere in whole or in part in any language, except as an abstract.

  • The authors also certify that any and all other work in preparation, submitted, in the press, or published that is potentially overlapping either in the actual data presented or in the conceptual approach is enclosed along with the original submission.

  • This journal only publishes 4 issues per year and the accepted articles should publish in a queue.

  • The addresses of the authors can be changes before the acceptance of articles. The Editor in  Chief can remove the articles which their authors change their addresses after getting acceptance.

  • The articles of this journal will be checked by Plagiarism Software and the similarity of papers have not to be exceeded than 40%. 

  • One of the author, addressed in the article, should be the faculty member(Assistant/Asso-ciate or Full Professor)of a university.