Multivalued F-Contraction Involving Fixed Point in Closed Ball


1 Department of Mathematics and Statistics, International Islamic university, H-10 Islamabad Pakistan Department of Mathematical Sciences, Lead University Lahore-54000, Pakistan

2 Department of Mathematics, International Islamic University, H-10, Islamabad - 44000, Pakistan.

3 Department of Mathematics and Statistics, International Islamic university, H-10 Islamabad Pakistan


This paper is a continuation of the investigations of F-contraction. The aim of this article is to extend
the concept of F-contraction on a closed ball. We introduce the notion of multivalued F-contraction on
a closed ball and establish new fixed point theorems in a complete metric space. Our results are very
useful for the contraction of the mapping only on closed ball instead on the whole space. Some comparative
examples are constructed which illustrate the superiority of our results. Our results provide extension as well
as substantial generalizations and improvements of several well known results in the existing comparable


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