Sliding window rough measurable function on Riesz Triple Almost (λ_mi,μ_nℓ,γ_kj)-Lacunary χ3R_λmiμnℓγkj sequence spaces defined by an Orlicz function

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Mathematics, Adiyaman University, 02040, Adiyaman, Turkey.

2 Department of Mathematics, SASTRA Deemed University,Thanjavur-613 401, India.


In this paper, we introduce a new concept for generalized sliding window rough measurable function on
almost (λ_mi,μ_nℓ,γ_kj) -convergence in χ3R_λmiμnℓγkj - Riesz spaces strong P -convergent to zero with respect to an Orlicz function and examine some properties of the resulting sequence spaces. We also introduce and study sliding window rough statistical convergence of generalized sliding window rough measurable function on almost  (λ_mi,μ_nℓ,γ_kj) -convergence in χ3R_λmiμnℓγkj - Riesz space and also some inclusion theorems are discussed.


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