Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1, October 2019, Pages 1-100 

Original Article

1. PPF Dependent Fixed Points Of Generalized Contractions Via C_G-Simulation Functions

Pages 1-16

Madugula Vinod Kumar; Gutti Venkata Ravindranadh Babu

2. Common Fixed Points of (α,Ψ,φ)- Almost Generalized Weakly Contractive Maps in S-metric spaces

Pages 17-35

Gutti Venkata Ravindranadh Babu; Pericherla Durga Sailaja; Gadhavajjala Srichandana

3. Fixed Point Results for Multivalued Operator in G-metric Space

Pages 36-49

Saurabh Manro; Tejwant Singh; ANIMESH Gupta; Rajvir Kaur

4. Fixed points of involution mappings in convex uniform spaces

Pages 50-57

Joy Chinyere Umudu; Johnson Olajire Olaleru; Adesanmi Alao Mogbademu

6. Fixed point theorems on a quaternion-valued G-metric spaces

Pages 73-81

Adewale Kayode; Johnson Olaleru; Hudson Akewe